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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 - Here are a few people seen by one of our physicians in one week at our free clinic at Zarephath:

  1. A Russian immigrant came to the clinic on Monday. He remembers his grandfather taking him to an underground church-- and he remembers being taunted by his friends. He came to the US at age 10 and was never taught anything about God. He is now about 40, and is genuinely hungry to learn about what motivated his grandfather. He was referred to the clinic by a friend, and was touched by the kindness. He took down all the information about the Alpha Program offered by Zarephath Christian Church, where people can ask any question about God and the Bible. He thinks that his girlfriend would come with him.
  2. Another man in his 50's was referred by the secretary of a local surgeon. He was recently divorced, and was hospitalized with an acute appendix in late January. His wound hurts, his BP is up and he was tearful-- very lonely. I told him about the Alpha Program and he was interested. He needs human contact. He'll see Dr. John on Thursday to have his wound dressed again.
  3. A cancer survivor was sent to us by a local oncologist. She grew up in a nearby town. Having come several times to the Zarephath Health Center, she now wants to come to the church. Her last church was Catholic, but she quit going when her favorite priest was sent away for child molestation. She would like to attend the Alpha program.

There are many hurting and hungry people out there, and God is bringing them to our door. May we be up to the challenge.

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