Zarephath Health Center

About Us

» Statement of Mission

"The Zarephath Health Center provides free health-care to the poor and uninsured. The World Health Organization defines 'health' as a state of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our goal is to work on all three levels."

For more about our mission:

  • We serve as a resource for the local churches to provide health care, medications, emotional and spiritual support for families that are in difficult circumstances.
  • We utilize volunteer physicians, nurses, counselors, and financial advisors to provide a comprehensive package of services.
  • We help people access the generous programs pharmaceutical companies have established for those who meet certain income requirements.
  • We work with hospitals to access lower fees for those with limited resources.
  • We do not charge for our services but encourage a free-will offering by those who are helped. We rely heavily on the kindness of those who can give tax-deductible donations.