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» ABC's of Compassion

Here at the Zarephath Health Center, we strive to provide helpful, compassionate care for all our patients. Listed below are several aspects of compassion that we wish to achieve:

Assertive - Actively seeking ways to meet needs, fight social ills, and care.

Basic - Looking for the people closest to the individual to meet needs--first the family, then the church community, and finally, local and state governments.

Challenging - Gently pressuring people to make changes, stead of pampering them. Helping develop character traits that lead to more self-sufficiency and growth.

Diverse - Treating each person as an individual, without a one-size-fits-all approach. Each is an individual made in God's image, and loved by Him.

Effective - Trying to avoid being bureaucratic and unchallenging. Utilizing volunteers with their unique gifts and capabilities. The bottom line is changing lives, not counting numbers of people treated.

Faith-based - Well managed Christ-centered charities are more effective at fighting poverty and changing lives than their non-religious counterparts.

Gradual - Continually re-evaluating and checking the results of the program. Gradual sustained results, tested at each step of the way, will make our health center the best it can be.

The above "ABC's of Compassion" was adapted from Marvin Olasky's Compassionate Conservatism, c. 2000 by Free Press.